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As-built drawings, right of way maps, and other pertinent documents will be compiled for use during design of projects. This information will provide insight into potential design challenges, site limitations, and site encumbrances. Utility companies will be contacted with letters requesting they provide evidence of any infrastructure they might have within the project area. Underground Service Alert will be utilized to identify potential parties.

Following review of the necessary documents, Giuliani & Kull, Inc. will perform a topography survey of the site. The survey will include boundary assessment and attempts will be made to recover record monuments within the project limits. Monuments within the work area will be clearly marked with the intent of preserving them during future phases of the work. Topographic features will be located by GPS and/or conventional survey. These items will include, but not be limited to grade breaks, asphalt pavement, curbs, evidence of underground utilities, utility poles, guy wires, striping, concrete structures, pavement, curb, gutter, or sidewalk failure, and other items necessary to complete the work.