Giuliani & Kull, Inc. is a professional services organization established in 1987 with a strong commitment to delivering successful projects for our clients. Our core disciplines of civil engineering design, land surveying, and construction management have been applied to public works engineering projects since we were founded.

Our firm has been working consistently with Northern California public agencies and private developers since the firm was founded in San Jose, CA in 1987. A history of quality projects in the private and public sector allowed our firm to successfully expand and open offices in Oakdale, CA in 1991 and Auburn, CA in 1995. Personnel at all offices strive to work with project managers to achieve a superior product.

Each of our 3 offices has established a strong local presence within their service area. During the past 2 decades our professionals have fostered secure relationships with our local cities, districts, agencies, and consultants, which will be critical to your projects’ success. Our firm possesses the talent, technical ability, available resources and expertise for meeting your needs.

We have several licensed engineers and surveyors that possess the technical capabilities to meet the demands of your project. Our offices are strategically located in Central and Northern California. Giuliani & Kull personnel will work closely with your staff and project managers to ensure efficient transfer of information.JONICHACHA