North Oak Street Rehabilitation – City of Oakdale

Giuliani & Kull, Inc. provided design, construction staking, and construction inspection for the reconstruction of North Oak Street between State Route 108 and Walnut Avenue. Giuliani & Kull, Inc. performed a topography survey within the limits of the project, prepared a detailed set of engineering drawings, construction estimate, and project special provisions to replace the existing road section and wet utilities. The project included 3,460 tons of roadway structural section replacement, installation of 2,630 feet of new water mains & services, new storm drainage detention/percolation facilities (250 feet French drain), 2,320 feet of storm drain force main, sanitary sewer manholes, and concrete flatwork. During the construction phase of work Giuliani & Kull, Inc. provided construction staking and inspection services. 10/2008 – 12/2010.