Lower Cometa Pipe Crossing Over SSJID Main Canal – Oakdale Irrigation District

The Lower Cometa Pipe Crossing Project was initiated to replace an existing pipe crossing, which was difficult to maintain and approaching failure. The design incorporated approximately 450 lineal feet of 30” RCP, 154 lineal feet of 30” Welded Steep Pipe (WSP), 110 lineal feet span structural steel pipe support bridge with drilled pier concrete abutments and a new discharge headwall. Giuliani & Kull, Inc. was retained to perform detailed topographic mapping, engineering design, agency coordination, and construction management for replacement of the existing crossing.

  • Oakdale Irrigation District South Main Regulating Reservoir
  • Claribel Lateral Channel Lining (2,800 LF Channel Rehabilitation and Concrete Lining with associated crossing structures)
  • Claribel/Stowell Diversion Structure (Concrete Structure with 2-Rubicon Flumegates)
  • Grider Pipeline Realignment (2,500 LF of 27” PVC Irrigation Pipe, two concrete control structures)
  • Annexation of +/-700 acres into the Oakdale Irrigation District
  • Grider Pipeline Recapture System (Pipe Support Bridge, 40 LF of 27” PVC Pipe, 268 lf of 28” Welded Steel Pipe)
  • South/Palmer Diversion Structure (Concrete Structure with 2-Rubicon Flumegates)